Dr. Cathrine Skogheim Walle is passionate about getting chiropractic accessible to every household and family. She fell in love with chiropratic whilst in school and saw how big of an impact one could have. She learned that if all human beings had the chance to experience chiropractic and to live up to their fullest potential we would have a healthier world. She and her partner started the 360 clinics with the hope and passion that they would give the highest quality of chiropractic care to the communities that they touched.

She is also the co-founder of The 360 Group and The Being of Light Award.

She is an International Speaker, Global Chiropractic Ambassador & Human Potential Specialist. She currently resides on The Island of Notteroy, in Norway with her partner, Dr. Michael Dibley and her two Children, Sophia Gelsomina & Atlas Benjamin whom both attend Waldorf Schools.

Dr. Cathrine Walle

Co-Founder The 360 Group, Human Potential Specialist, Mother